Frequently Asked Questions


Bougain Capital is an investment company, whose team work jointly to make money from the volatility of cryptocurrencies and offer great returns to our clients. Our platform offers a broad range of solutions to promote the expansion of your digital asset portfolios. Our team of experts work jointly to deliver reliable gains. We are committed to assisting you in reaching your financial objectives while securing your assets in the world of digital currencies.

You can earn commissions on Bougain Capital through our referral program. For every person you refer to us, you receive a commission everytime they invest or stake in any of our plans.Our referral commission structure is on 3 levels. Level 1 - 10%Level 2 - 6%Level 3 - 2%You do not need to have an active investment running to participate in our referral program.

The contracts on our platform are not only fast and efficient, they are also secured. It's protected by the 256-bit SHA hash functions. Unlike encryption, which can be decrypted, SHA hash functions provide a unique print for each transaction that cannot be reconstructed.The contracts on our platform are not only secure but very adaptive.You get to watch your investments mature in real time. Your return on investments will be automatically credited to your wallet daily and is available for withdrawal.100% secure. It's our priority to make sure your investments are safe from scammers, spammers and hackers using the latest blockchain technology to put in effect maximum security.

In order to work safe, Bougain Capital fits the following points;
Open-sourcing & continuous review of all code.Committee of elected, best-in-class validators to minimize risk.Use of non-custodial service to eliminate counter-party risk.Use of DAO for governance decisions & to manage risk factors.

Upon making a deposit, it will typically appear in your account after 2 to 3 blockchain network confirmations. These confirmations verify the transaction and add it to the blockchain. Once these confirmations are successfully completed, your deposit should be visible in your account.

Withdrawals are processed instantly. The duration for the receipt of your funds is subject to the processing times of the blockchain network and your wallet provider.

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